Google Intent on Abolishing Microsoft OS Security Patch Shackle – World Rejoices

Well, if it’s true that “ANYBODY” can and will free the obnoxious treadmill most PC users have been on trying to use the Microsoft(MS) operating system (OS)¬† XP, Vista & now Windows 7 – BRING IT ON NOW!!!

You Bet !

It has been this author’s (see below), belief that Microsoft has become a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT to the world due to it’s archaic business model adopted by CEO Steve Ballmer. ¬†He should have never been CEO, but Bill Gates loyalty to friends got in the way. ¬†I say this because I know just the bandwidth consumed by Microsoft in it’s security patches auto updates is more than most 3rd world developing nation’s use in total. ¬†With that said – the world’s IT infrastructure is still vulnerable to cyber collapse at the hands of malicious hackers.

This is the unfortunate stark reality, no matter how the conservative business publications and blogs spin nauseatingly¬† how great Microsoft is – they need desperately the Microsoft advertising revenue, as whores need the next John. ¬†No need to be ashamed, or even admit it to the many who already know the truth behind the headlines – just don’t dare continue the charade of hocus pocus free-market value over logic and common sense.¬† Microsoft has lost it’s relevance – PERIOD !

thumbs up to google!

What the hell – you might ask, how can anyone challenge the worlds once most profitable company… the traditional huge operating system (OS),¬† that takes 2-4 years of development and the now common practice of off-shore out-sourcing on the cheap by Microsoft as well as other large IT companies, while at the same time putting out of work 10′s of thousands or qualified IT personnel that are U.S. citizens here within the United States. ¬†That in itself is a travesty manifested in pure greed and part of the U.S. Security Risk in the form of a weak economy. ¬†Where is the bailout money for displaced U.S. IT workers that can not find work at even half of their previous IT income?

Imagine the cultural differences that come into play in communicating with many different work groups all working on different application modules within these huge OS projects. ¬†Jesus – it was complicated enough working with international employees within the same building situated here within the United States. ¬†But now all the work groups are tied together internationally through video conferencing and have been made to work lately under unreasonable time constraints to satisfy investors… whether the application worked securely, and as intended – or NOT.

dah ???

There could NOT be an excuse good enough to explain away the 6 month lag times over the past 2 years in which Microsoft sometimes came out with security patches to fix exploits in it’s Internet browser or operating system… and other times Microsoft would simply argue in denial of security concerns by the computer security community. ¬†So the Google OS announcement comes as NO surprise and for the many IT techs that work each and everyday with computer users – a welcomed relief that finally someone with enough intellectual resources and financial backing is going to walk-the-walk of software that actually works. ¬†Google Chrome the Internet browser has gotten great end user acceptance and critical reviews. ¬†So get over it and rejoice, unless you are a Microsoft financial backer – just don’t sabotage the much needed competitive OS development. ¬†You had your chance to fix what was wrong with the MS OS, even if it took billions of dollars to create unhackable security or simply a rapid response security business model that eliminated what is now becoming typical 6 month lag times for critical security patches by Microsoft – if at all. ¬†See recent IE Zero Day Announcement here.

open source rocks ...

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